My parents nicknamed me the Cut & Tape Girl as a child because I was forever cuttin', tapin' and craftin'. The best gift they ever gave me was my very own plastic box filled to the brim with glue, tape, paper, scissors, markers - everything a Cut & Tape Girl could possibly need. HEAVEN!

And while the Cut & Tape Girl may have grown up, my love of crafting grew right along side me - as did my skills and experiences. I've gone to Fashion school, worked as a pattern drafter, had a line of plush toys & a line of women's accessories, had a stencil business and even a short-lived paper goods business (I sheepishly admit to being a bit of a serial crafter:) I currently even have an Etsy store where I sell my original watercolours:


So I've decided to pool my various ideas into one place and offer fun & simple craft projects all for FREE! My overstuffed studio could use a good decluttering ;)

Keep on crafting!