Terms of Use

Yes, these craft patterns are here for you to copy and use. But like everything in life there are a few rules (sad but true):

  1. Download, copy and use these designs often and freely
  2. Share files with your friends, hey the more the merrier
  3. Craft to you heart's content, as long as it's for PERSONAL USE
  4. Super Small-Scale Commercial: Plan on selling a few of my designs at your local craft fair? Cool, I wish you great sales
  1. Absolutely NO re-selling of any of my craft designs in digital or hard form. Plan on opening an Etsy store selling my designs? ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY NOT COOL!
  2. Large Scale Commercial: Are you a manufacturer who plans to make oodles of money from my FREE designs? No go.
  3. Please don't alter my designs to create anything rude or hurtful to others. It happened once and I was not amused.
In other words please be respectful. I expend a lot of time, money and effort to make these crafts available to all of you. I enjoy doing this and want to continue enjoying it!

Any questions about the above rules? Please contact me, I'm always glad to help.